The Alice Hay Room at the Hartford House

The Alice Hay Room at the Hartford House opened in September of 2019 after extensive remodeling. A large window in the center of the west wall has been re-installed after being bricked over for many years. This window provides a spectacular view of the Genesee Valley! The old wallpaper and wall-to-wall carpeting have also been removed.

It features a very large antique 4-poster Queen-size bed and a small private bath with a shower. It has an air conditioner and 12 foot ceilings and a beautiful view over the Genesee Valley.

 It also shares the 2nd Floor kitchen with the other new rooms.

You can check availability & book online here!

For questions, please call or text  Corrin at 585-233-5338.
You may also make inquiry by email at:
4-poster bed
The room features a large antique 4-poster Queen-sized bed.
New window

A new center window has been installed in the West wall overlooking the Genesee Valley and bringing in lots of sunshine!
The large mirrored wardrobe has been moved to the South wall to open up more living space for a couch and easy chair.
The Alice Hay "water closet" has a small shower stall with the vanity in the room! Also a HD TV has been mounted over the fireplace
Our cherubs will watch over you while you sleep!

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